5 Must- Do Busy Girl Time Saving Hacks

words Josie Broad

We all live such fast paced lives with a variety of responsibilities, and busy looks different on us all!


We put together these must-do time saving hacks to shift your schedules from hectic to harmonious.


Pre-plan your workouts on a Sunday. Book them into your week like an appointment, so the time is allocated! If you aren’t sure where to start, join one of our workout program’s or challenges so it’s decided for you and all you need to do is, show up.


Lay your outfit out the night before, doing this leaves less decision making for the morning, making you feel organised, less stressed and ready to go.


Meal prep your meals for the week ahead on a Sunday so all you have to do each morning is grab and go! This is incredibly important for staying on track, having your meals ready allows you to eat healthy food when you’re hungry and skip on reaching for unhealthy snacks for temporary satisfaction.


Click & collect your groceries if you can as it will save you time each week, allowing more time setting yourself up for the week. 


Set yourself a bedtime routine, this allows for more consistency and is key for recovery. Try our meditations to relax the mind and prep yourself for a restful sleep. 


Remember not to spread yourself thin it is okay to say no to plans when your schedule is already full & busy. 


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