Brielle Holmes: Tammy Fit's Resident Mindfulness Coach

words Josie Broad
Brielle is our first Tammy Fit Mindfulness coach and are so grateful to be able to share her passion and love with our community. We asked Brielle a few questions about how and what sparked her journey so we could share an insight of Brielle's soft and calm nature. So, here it is.....


What initially sparked your interest, and further wanting to educate and help others as a profession? 

I’ve always had a deep desire to be of service, a double mission if you will - to first raise the consciousness of myself, then others. 


What are your top tips for those wanting to start meditation and breathwork? 

I honestly tell people to start with taking ONE conscious breath every morning, as soon as you open your eyes, before your feet hit the ground, before your mind starts raising.. just take one big deep breath in through your nose and out through the mouth, as if it’s your first ever breath. As for meditations, start with guided - to keep your monkey mind focused on the present.. Find a meditation teacher you vibe with, their voice, the music (cough cough, my meditations on the Tammy Fit app hehe) I set up my breath / meditation space as if it’s a devotion practice, light the candles, set the mood and take yourself on a journey into yourself.


Why do you think meditation and breathwork is so important to incorporate in one’s lifestyle? 

Right now, many people are living in survival brain more than normal, survival mode is essentially “safe mode” Your subconscious mind holds all of your beliefs about yourself, the world - everything. It uses those beliefs to protect you emotionally. Many times you aren't even aware of what subconscious beliefs are stored in your mind

Okay, so here’s some numbers for you - humans take approximately 20,000 unconscious breaths EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even one minute of conscious, connected breathing can help regulate your entire nervous system. In turn, making you a kinder, more compassionate human that is able to manifest and live from a calm mind and body, as apposed to living in survival mode - like alot of us are. 


Tell us how you incorporate meditation and breathwork to your lifestyle? Do you prefer completing these at any particular point of your day? 

Each morning I start with one deep conscious connected breath as if it’s my first time taking a breath and I allow that moment to fill me up with so much gratitude to simply BE waking up, alive with the ability to draw breath. This sets me up for my day. You don’t have to make it a big deal, just implement it in a realistic way - each day. Even if that is one breath. 

For me, I take myself through deep holotropic breathwork journeys around once to twice a month - to reset and  move all the stagnant emotions (energy in motion) that has been lying dormant in my body, this is a beautiful way to practice self regulation and my goodness do you feel amazing afterwards.. I look at it as creating space for more good to come in. As for meditation and affirmations - these are a non negotiable for me daily, I actually created a Spotify playlist full of songs that are subliminal affirmations and I vibe to them every morning. Linked here!


How has practising mediation and breathwork changed your life? 

Mindfulness has taught me that putting yourself first is not selfish - it’s necessary. 

It has helped me trust myself. I ground in with myself every single day and because of this - I’m able to stay grounded through day to day interactions and what life throws at me. 


What’s your favourite thing that you get out of breathwork and same for meditation? 

That incomparable feeling of clarity, purpose and presence and ultimately - love and acceptance for myself.

Make sure you take one of Brielle's incredible practices in the app, find yourself melting away into the day and setting your tone each morning!