Meal Plans - What Works Best For You

words Josie Broad

Many of us struggle with getting in the right nutrients in day to day life, let a lone the weekends when processed snacks and treats are in front of us. 


Adopting a meal plan to keep you mindful and accountable during your fitness journey is the best way to stay focussed. 


Learn portion sizes, what a balanced meal looks like and the ease of it being prepped and ready for you to enjoy on the go. 


You can easily find the best meal plan for you with our selection available on the app. Better yet, you can delete and add another recipe if something doesn’t tickle your fancy. This is especially ideal when it comes to the weekend and you are craving your takeaway fix - add one of our delicious fakeaway recipes and still reach your goals. 



Our meal plans include, 


Our 2 Vegan meal plans, only difference is different meals to indulge in!

- Plant fuelled living 

- Plant Powered  


Our 2 vegetarian meal plans, only difference is different meals to indulge in!

- Veggie Edition

- Veggie Vitality


For our allergy girlies-

- Gluten free 

- Allergy Friendly - avoids the top 8 allergens such as eggs, fish, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, soy and wheat.



Our 3 standard meal plans that are perfect for anyone, only difference is different meals to indulge in!

- Balanced 

- Everyday 

- Busy Girl - only 2 days of meal prep needed!



Start today and transform your eating habits effortlessly!


Explore and get started on iOS or Android. 


Need help finding what’s best for you- download the app and head to support 📲🍔