Navigating The Festive Period- The Importance Of Diet Breaks

words Tammy Hembrow

As we celebrate festive periods, we want to incorporate strategic diet breaks during these periods to reduce feelings of guilt and promote your physical and mental well-being.

We encourage a temporary pause in your typical dietary routine. Allowing for a more flexible and mindful approach to your nutrition. Especially during festive periods, this can help you strike a balance between enjoying social events and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We suggest moving your “goal” to maintain to allow for leniency. 


We’ve broken down the benefits of a temporary diet break:

Psychological Relief:
Festive periods often come with social gatherings and special occasions where indulging in tasty treats is part of the celebration. Allowing yourself a diet break during these times can provide much-needed psychological relief, preventing feelings of deprivation.


    Metabolic Boost:
    Regular caloric restriction can sometimes lead to a metabolic slowdown. Introducing diet breaks can help counteract this effect by temporarily increasing calorie intake, potentially revving up your metabolism.


      Sustainable Long-Term Approach:
      Sustainability is key to any successful health journey. By incorporating diet breaks, you are more likely to stick to your overall nutrition plan in the long run, avoiding the pitfalls of extreme diets that may be difficult to maintain. After all, it’s a healthy lifestyle we are after.


        Preventing Binge Eating:
        Denying yourself the pleasure of festive foods may lead to overcompensating later, resulting in binge eating. Diet breaks provide a structured way to enjoy these treats without the guilt, reducing the likelihood of binge episodes.



        Tips for Effective Diet Breaks:

        Mindful Eating:
        Practice mindful eating during your diet breaks. Pay attention to hunger and fullness cues, savour each bite, and avoid distractions to fully appreciate the flavours of the festive dishes.


          Stay Active:
          Maintain your physical activity routine during festive periods. Exercise can help balance the extra calories and contribute to a positive mindset. It can be as simple as walking, yoga, pilates, ab circuits or more - take your pick!


            Hydration Matters:
            Ensure you stay hydrated, especially if your diet breaks involve consuming more salty or sugary foods. Water helps with digestion and can prevent overeating, use the water tracker in app to keep on top!


              By embracing a balanced and flexible approach to nutrition, you can enjoy the festivities guilt-free, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and prepare to jump back into it in the new year.