5 Things That Make Your Fitness Journey Easier!

words Josie Broad

We spoke with some of our community about what they find most helpful on their health and fitness journey's and this is what they said, 

1, Joining a challenge, have an end date in sight, this can help with motivation and not being overwhelmed with a big lifestyle change. Have your workouts decided for you!


2, Join a community group, being part of a workout community can help you stay motivated and accountable to your fitness goals. You may be less likely to skip workouts when you know others are sticking to their plans! We love healthy competition 💪🏼


3, Having yourself a structured and guided workout plan each day so it leaves no room to fail! No need to think about what body group you are training today, It's been selected for you! With both home and gym options, it's easier for you to commit and fit it into your lifestyle!


4, Fuelling your body with nutritious food, sticking to a diet of nutrient-rich foods help you stay on track and provide the energy you need. Studies have even found that clean diets consisting of mainly whole, unprocessed foods, can help with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Not Sure where to start? Find yourself a meal plan!


5, Progress pics! Forget the scale, focus on the constant changes that your body is making, this could be clearing of the skin, reducing bloat, feeling lighter and more!!


Results can be tricky and sometimes off days are inevitable but its all about consistency! 


Want help in getting started? Check out our challenge or contact the team to get started 💛