Why Meal Prep Is So Important?

words Josie Broad

It’s no doubt that takeaways and processed foods are an easy option for meals. The advantage of not having to cook or clean can be an attractive thought.


This is why meal prepping is one of our biggest tips at Tammy Fit. The accessibility of having pre made healthy food available to eat at any time makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle that much easier. 


We share our favourite ways to meal prep below and all of the benefits!


  • Cut up all of your vegetables and protein at the start of the week so that when it comes to cooking, all you need to do is add to a pan. 


  • When prepping, aim for 50% of your plate to be filled with vegetables, 25% with starchy carbs and 25% protein. Perfect for volume eaters!


  • Prep the meals you find hardest to stay on track, for example, when your insulin levels drop in the afternoon you have them at the ready instead of grabbing something naughty.


Hello benefits...


Saves Time

During the week, no more time spent cooking after a long day at work, open your fridge & you are good to go!


Contribute To A Nutritionally Balanced Diet

By preparing your meals, you are ensuring you have healthy food ready to go and can get all your nutrients in!


Saves Money

By minimising eating out, you can save on your weekly food spend! It also minimises chances of making a choice which are not aligned with your goals.


Easy, no preparation, on the go meals

Chef good are our go to for healthy fresh meals. Calorie controlled and full of nutrients, these meals are here to support your health journey when you are time poor!


Can Reduce Stress

As you avoid having to make last minute food decisions, you allow space to have nutritionally beneficial meals 


Still sounds like a lot? No problem, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Chef Good for healthy, nutrient dense, 3 minute meals! Don't forget to make use of our discount code, Tammy25 for 25% off your first box, and 15% off your second box!


They have Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snacks and dessert all freshly prepared and delivered to your door. Tammy Fit approved!