Workouts For Girls In Their “Soft Girl Era”

words Josie Broad

Soft girl era is dominating platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, girls all around the globe are switching up their makeup, outfits and workout routines to soften their appearance. 


The go to workouts typically consist of steps, Pilates and Yoga. 


Whilst steps are free, adding pilates and yoga classes into your weekly budget can become increasingly expensive.


BUT, what if we said, we had the workouts for you and for only $0.31 cents per day. Not to mention 1,500+ recipes, workouts, meal plans and mindfulness to add into your routine. 


Soft girl workout go-tos:

Our Pilates Program, available on demand with our pilates princess, Sophie.


Our Yoga Program, also available on demand with our wholesome yogi, Paula.


Our top tip to add on,

Meditation & Mindfulness instructed by our self care queen, Brielle. 


Watch yourself encompass all things soft girl with a gentle, positive, and kind attitude. Embrace self-care, mental health awareness, and balanced emotions.  


Enter your soft girl era on iOS or Android. 


The girls that get it, get it 🎀🛁🧖🏼‍♀️