How do our challenges work?

We run several challenges throughout the year where everyone participating will start and end on the same day – this means we can all do it together!

+ Challenge programs range in duration from 4 – 8 weeks

+ Workouts focus on lower body, upper body and full body

+ There are always home and gym options

+ Receive a meal plan customised to your goals and food preferences as well as your personalised macros

+ Gain full app access during the challenge including: over 1,500 recipes, individual workouts, yoga sessions, on demand pilates, water tracker and so much more

+ For each challenge we will partner with a charity close to Tammy’s heart and donate a portion of proceeds

+ You can create your own team by adding friends also doing the challenge and help one other stay accountable

+ Get exclusive access to our private FB challenge group where you will connect with other challenge members and get daily tips from the Tammy Fit team!

+ 5k worth of prizes and giveaways! Be in to win $3,000 AUD in cash for best transformation or one of our weekly giveaways in our community group