Think You've Seen Busy Girl. Think Again.

words Josie Broad

Busy girl challenges have taken the fitness world by storm, but what truly defines a busy girl? 


A busy girl is someone actively engaged in every facet of her life—it could be motherhood, work, studies, hobbies, social activities, and personal responsibilities. Women are renowned for their ability to multitask, managing various roles with finesse. But we are seeing a shift where it’s more about balance and prioritising yourself, filling your own cup so you can pour into others.


You could be a combination of busy girls, embodying different roles seamlessly.

Here are some of the personas we identify with:


The Mum: Expertly balancing school drop-offs and pick-ups, after-school activities, prepping meals, & weekend entertainment. Everything relies on you and it can be ALOT. Yet, your role extends beyond mere logistics. As The Mum, you infuse every moment with love and affection so it’s important that you give yourself some too. Enter our busy girl challenge.


The Professional: In the fast-paced world of ambitious professionals, being a busy girl means you’re juggling calls, emails, and meetings with ease. Your career goals are in sharp focus, and you navigate each day with a blend of grace and determination. You show up on time, get things done, and are always ready to learn and grow. The relentless pursuit of success can be exhilarating, yet it shouldn’t consume your entire being. Let’s help you maintain that vital equilibrium by focussing on nourishing your body, mind too. This will only help peak your professional performance.


The Athlete: You hit the gym with determination, cook healthy meals with care, and carve out time to move your body. Striving to be the best version of yourself, you embody the essence of the modern athlete.The relentless pursuit of fitness can be thrilling, yet it shouldn’t overshadow the other important aspects of your life. Remember, your fitness journey is a significant part of your life, but it’s not the entirety of it. Striking a balance between physical aspirations and overall well-being is the key to a rewarding and sustainable lifestyle. 


The Socialite: You cherish your time with loved ones, understanding the positive impact of community. Sharing laughter, love, and being the life of the party, you embody the essence of the modern socialite. But with that you could drain your social battery: With our Busy girl challenge let us challenge you to carve out time for yourself. Whether it’s a quiet evening at home, solo yoga, some breath-work, or a solitary walk in the park, self-care is crucial for recharging.


The Romantic: You dream big and love deeply, finding beauty in every moment of your life. You romanticise even the smallest details, filling your days with a sense of wonder and magic. With a steadfast belief in the power of positive thinking, you master the art of manifesting your desires, turning dreams into reality. Balance your dreams with achievable milestones. Celebrate your progress and recognise that manifesting desires is a continuous process that can turn into achievable goals.


Our busy girl knows the importance of balance. She is a multifaceted woman who gets it done, even if it means carving out just five minutes for herself.


Our Busy Girl Challenge and Meal Plan embrace this dynamic lifestyle. Designed to be easily accomplished by those with little time, it helps you achieve your goals while supporting physical and mental well-being.


Starting June 3, 2024, join our Busy Girl movement. Visit iOS or Android to be a part of this empowering journey.